Successfully taking product ideas to market

Invoko is an early stage startup consultancy for tech entrepreneurs who want to launch a successful product or service. Unlike other business consultancies, I focus exclusively on experienced software developers who want to break free of the limitations of wage slavery. This gives me a deep understanding of the problems you face – and how I can solve them.

Still interested in what I have to offer?

Excellent here are a few things you’ll find useful.

Invoko Calibrate: A 28 day program to validate your idea. It sucks to build a product that no one wants to use. You can avoid the same fate by finding out if the problem you solve is worth solving. Calibrate is aimed at people who want to remove the uncertainty from bringing a new product to market, without breaking the bank.

Invoko Accelerate: An outsourced customer development, marketing and conversion optimisation service aimed at those tech entrepreneurs who couldn’t wait to get building. You’ve probably spent a fair bit of time building a product prototype (it’s probably too big to be called an MVP) only to find that you don’t really know how to get customers. I can transform your technical side project into a sustainable business.

Invoko Transform: A monthly consultancy service helping you go from a shoot from the hip startup to a sustainable business. Don’t worry, it doesn’t mean you lose the innovative spirit that made you great, it means you stop cutting corners. I’ll sit with the key people in the company to understand the vision and the culture. Then I’ll suggest just enough process to keep the work flowing at a fast pace with the right level of quality.

Invoko Engineer: A web/mobile development service aimed at non technical entrepreneurs. I will take your validated product idea and turn it into an Minimum Viable Product. The idea is to build a system that looks automated from the customer perspective. It should be just enough to learn from customers’ behaviour how to solve the problem. No wasted time, effort or money on features that no one wants to use.

Wait, who are you?

I’m Dermot Kilroy I’ve been a web developer/consultant for 10 years. I’ve worked with great companies like ITV, Thoughtworks, Uswitch, Comparethemarket to name a few. I cut my web development chops with the big guys, I’ve seen first hand how they utilise every department to maintain very successful businesses. Nowadays I work best with companies like Linguagloss, FuneralZone and Devonshire Tea. The small companies with dedicated founders who want to build successful, sustainable businesses. I enjoy making a big impact on small ambitious businesses.

And what’s Invoko Exactly?

Invoko is a small company run by me and group of friends in the industry that I know and respect. I collaborate with business consultants, digital marketers, designers and software developers where and when it makes sense.  I work best with small established businesses and individuals with big ambitions. I especially like turning ideas into reality.

We all know that starting a new business venture is filled with risk and uncertainty. The risk can be minimised by focusing on the right thing at the right time. Most people get it wrong, they focus on implementation based on the flimsiest of positive feedback. This leads to wasting time and money, which can mean the end of the product.

I will ensure you focus on the right things at the right time. I won’t let you build a product unless you understand your market. I will make sure the MVP you build is just that a Minimum Viable Product (most people forget that an MVP is a hybrid of automation and manual processes in order to learn about customer behaviour).

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I’m looking to help people build sustainable businesses online. My goal is to help you reach your goal as quickly and cost effectively as possible. Through your success we will have a long term mutually beneficial business relationship. If you’re interested in moving forward to successfully launch a new product or service online, fill out this simple form.

I’ll ask you a few questions about your product idea and where you’re at with it, and we’ll figure out the best fit for your business.