Invoko Engineer: Removing the risk from new business ventures

So, you’ve thought of the next big thing, you’ve validated it with potential customers. Demand is proven, now what? Intoducing Invoko Engineer, a web development service that gets your minimum viable product in front of customers, fast!

Let’s face it, getting a product to market is a risk, it takes guts and determination to see it through. The last thing you want to do is fail because the web development agency you hire doesn’t understand the risks you’re taking.

The One Constant For A New Business Venture Is Change

No matter how much you try, the truth is, you’re not going to get it right first time. That goes for any feature you release, whether it be the first or the fiftieth. You can get feedback before you build anything, even then you’ll be surprised at how early adopters use the system. Here’s the deal…

People don’t know what they want until they start using it.

Okay, you can make an educated guess based on the feedback you’ve gained whilst validating the product. But why guess when you can monitor users behaviour. From here you can spend time and money on popular features whilst ignoring unused features. I understand these problems, which is why I’ve honed my process specifically to cater for the rapid response to user feedback necessary in a successful web product.

Actual expert advice

But how do you know what to focus on? How do you know where to start? Most web agencies will be relying on you to answer these questions. They will be looking to you to define in great detail what features your customers want. I take a different approach.

I won’t be relying on you. Of course I will be asking you to tell me about the business and what a proposed solution might look like. But I will also be drilling into the detail, gauging your confidence level in the demand for a feature. If the feature is based on assumptions then I’ll build it accordingly. In other words…

What is the simplest/quickest thing we can develop that will add value to the user experience?

I will measure engagement, if it’s high, we know that the feature is worth investment, if it’s low, we can leave as is or even remove it. That’s the secret to reducing wasted time and money on features no one wants to use.

Who is this for?

Invoko Engineer isn’t for everyone, but you might want to apply at the bottom of this page if any of this sounds like you:

  • You have a new business venture that has been validated against real users. I can’t stress this enough, hiring a web agency is an expensive commitment. You may believe that you’re idea is a sure fire winner, but, until you have paying customers there are no sure things. It’s possible to get paying customers before you build a thing.
  • This won’t be your full time focus. You either have a day job paying the bills or an established business that needs your attention. I will take care of getting the MVP to market so that you can stay focused on your main source of income.
  • You have a minimum budget of £15,000 to spend on getting this to market. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean we spend it all in one go. I will always build just enough to satisfy demand and no more. The good news is, the more you spend the more demand there is for your product. You’ll get an ROI.
  • This will be a fresh project, you’re not looking for me to pick up an existing implementation and turn it into a winner. The truth is, it’s more cost effective to start again. Build the minimum, with metrics and react to the insights gained. You’ll build a better product in a shorter amount of time, with less headaches.

What you’ll get

Invoko Engineer is a high touch web consulting service, getting your new business venture launched to an audience of enthusiastic buyers.

  • A roadmapping session, digging into the detail of your new business venture. The outcome of this session is a prioritised definition of the initial MVP.
  • Analytics and monitoring accounts integrated into the application. This includes Google Analytics, heat mapping software and session recording software.
  • Constant visibility on progress. I know what it’s like to commission a web project where the suppliers does everything behind a curtain. I won’t do this to you. You will have a clear picture of progress at all times.
  • An implemented MVP, with regular reporting on user behaviour.
    Advice on how to get traffic to your web application, both organic and paid.

Who are you anyway?

I’m Dermot Kilroy a web development specialist. I’ve worked with large and small companies to implement mobile optimised solutions. I’ve been doing this for 10 years. You can have a look at a more in depth bio if you like.

Are you any good at what you do?

Yes, what else did you expect me to say :-). I’ve worked for many years in the tech industry in that time I’ve seen a lot of time and money wasted unnecessarily because people don’t have the full picture. I’ve spent a large portion of my time understanding the full picture involved with getting a new business venture to market. It’s not just about a great product. In fact a mediocre product with great marketing will beat the best products with no marketing any day of the week.

When you engage me, you’ll be employing someone who is looking out for your business. I won’t just take your money to deliver a product that doesn’t have a market. I will make sure you spend your money on the right thing at the right time. As I’m building the MVP I’ll be watching your analytics to see indicators of an increase in customers. If customers are not increasing I’ll stop spending money on the product and start helping you to spend it on marketing.

Ultimately, implementing a web project doesn’t scare me. I know how to get things done, I also have a wide network of highly professional contacts within the industry. If I don’t know how to do something one of them will, they will be only to glad to help us get over the finish line.

How much is this?

There is no set cost, it depends on the size and scope of the product. I will be looking to deliver in short phases that will give you the opportunity to take stock of the user behaviour. We can then work together to define the next set of features. The cost over time could be a sizeable investment, but you’ll be sure to get a return on that investment by responding to customer demand.

Dermot Kilroy